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I forgot to start my trip, or ended it early by accident

Your fares are calculated from the moment you swipe START TRIP until you swipe COMPLETE TRIP.

We understand that sometimes you may accidentally forget to begin the trip, or may end it early by mistake. We have features in the app to help you correct these errors when necessary.

If you forget to begin the trip, you may see a notification within the app that asks, "Did you begin the trip late?" If you did, just tap 'Yes' and the fare will be calculated from the actual pick-up point.

In some cases, if you accidentally swipe to complete the trip before you have reached the rider's destination, the app will ask you to confirm whether or not you intended to end the trip or if you would like to continue driving so you can get the full fare.

Your fare will always be calculated by what is recorded in the app and we are unfortunately unable to adjust these trips. We understand this may be frustrating, but it is important to always remember to begin and end the trip on time so the entire trip is recorded in the app to ensure you are paid fairly and your rider is charged correctly.
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