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Creating Kids Menus

The growth of kids menu sales on Uber Eats grew over 200% in 2018. With this ever growing demand for bite sized menus, here's how to build yours:

To create a Kids Menu:
- Access the Restaurant Manager by visiting the link below.
- Log into your account by entering your username, password and 4 digit pin.
- Tap "Menu" on the left hand side next to the fork and knife icon.
- Select "Categories" from the horizontal options at the top of the page, then tap "+ New Category".
- Name your Category, set the desired menu for the Category to appear in, and tap Save.
Adding items (choose items wisely, remember that children eat smaller portions):
- Tap "Menu" in the left menu bar.
- Select the "Items" tab and choose "+ New Item".
- Make sure to include "Kids Menu" in the category section.

Things to remember:
- When creating items for your Kids Menu, remember that the smaller portion size results in a smaller price.
- Kids are picky eaters, so stay within the theme of the cuisine, allow customization, and offer healthy options.
- Kids menus should be created in their own section after the main entrees but before sides/desserts/beverages.

To learn more about building and editing your Uber Eats menu, please visit the link below: