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Do we get paid for cancelled or unfulfilled orders?

You will be paid for orders where you prepared perishable food.

Even if the customer cancels or if an order never gets picked up by a delivery person, as long as you've prepared perishable food, you will still receive a payment for those items on your weekly payment summary.

Orders can also be canceled by delivery people or Uber in cases where the order cannot be fulfilled.

Stores will be paid for prepared, perishable food and non-prepared, non-perishable items (except alcohol) if:
The order was cancelled by the customer after the delivery person picked up the order and left the store premises.
The delivery person picked up the order and left the store premises, but was not able to deliver the order.
For alcohol items, in these instances, the delivery person will return the alcohol to the store on behalf of the customer.

Stores will not be paid for non-prepared, non-perishable items if:
No delivery people were available for the delivery.
The order was cancelled by the customer before the delivery person left the store premises.
The non-prepared, non-perishable items in the order can/should be returned to your shelves and made available for sale to other customers.

Stores will not be paid for the order and the customer will not be charged, no matter the item type, if:
The order was cancelled by the store.
Support confirms the order was not prepared (for reasons such as you ran out of an item or the order was too big).
Your restaurant was closed when the delivery person arrived (for reasons such as you closed early and forgot to turn off your tablet, or your hours are wrong and need to be adjusted)

For instances where the store will not be paid for part or all of the order, it is possible that payment may have been made to the store before the cancellation. In these cases, Uber Eats will apply a retroactive deduction via the restaurant manager to cancel out the payment to reflect the cancellation.

This deduction will be visible on the payment statement you receive with the description "Reverse charge on unfulfilled/cancelled orders" against the specific Order ID.

If you believe for any reason that items in the order cannot be resold (for example, perishable items), and that you are entitled to payment for these items, please contact us via the support channel in your country. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.