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Download comprehensive Payment Details Reports

The Uber Eats Manager tool lets you easily view and download your current and previous payment statements. The Payment Details Report offers comprehensive payment data of up to 31 days for more in-depth reporting for single or multiple locations.

To download comprehensive Payment Details Reports:

1. Navigate to your Uber Eats Manager - restaurant.uber.com - from a computer
2. Sign in with your username, password and PIN
3. Select "Reports" from the left hand menu
4. Select "Request Reports" button in the top right corner of the "Request History" page
5. Choose the type of report(s) you are interested in downloading, the date range, and the location(s). Once you do, the "Request" button becomes clickable. (To download the PDR, choose Report Types: Payment Details (financial))
6. You can select up to a full month (31 days) of data at a time. Financial payment details report is available up to within minutes of the time the request. However, if you choose both financial and operational reports in one request, you will be able to select up to the current date for the financial report, but the data for the operational report will end 2 days earlier.
7. If a user has memberships to multiple locations, they can select which stores they want to be included in the report(s)
8. After requesting a report, you can see the report's status on the Request History page in Reports Hub, and you will receive an email notification at the address on file for your Uber Eats Manager account when the report is ready to download.
9. Once you get the notification, head back to the Reports tab in Uber Eats Manager. This will bring you to Request History, which shows all of your previously requested reports and their statuses.
10. Click the "Download" button in the Actions column next to a report to download is as a CSV file.

For steps to view and download more general Weekly Payment statements, click the link below

You can get all your restaurant's financial information in this comprehensive report, containing a detailed breakdown of all sales, payment, and tax information associated with each order. The columns in the CSV file are defined as follows:

ORDER ID: Order ID as per Uber Eats Manager

STORE ID: Store name as per Uber Eats Manager

ORDER DATE / REFUND DATE: Local date the order was placed, or local date of the order placed for which there is a refund

ORDER ACCEPT TIME: Local timestamp for when order was accepted by the restaurant

FOOD SALES (excl VAT): Total food sales excluding VAT (includes product + non-product sales)

ADJUSTMENTS (excl VAT): Total adjustments (excluding VAT)

VAT ON ADJUSTMENTS: VAT on adjustments

ORDER CORRECTION: Total of order corrections (excluding VAT)

ORDER CORRECTION TAX: VAT on order corrections

DELIVERY FEE (excl VAT): Delivery Fee (excluding VAT)


DELIVERY FEE (incl VAT): Delivery Fee (including VAT)

TOTAL ORDER (incl VAT): Total sales + Delivery Fee (including VAT)

COST OF DELIVERY (excl VAT): Cost of delivery (i.e. courier fare) (excluding VAT)

VAT ON COST OF DELIVERY: VAT on delivery person fare (where applicable)

COST OF DELIVERY (incl VAT): Cost of delivery (i.e. delivery person fare) (including VAT)

UBER SERVICE FEES BEFORE DISCOUNT (excl VAT): Uber's Service Fee (sometimes referred to as 'Marketplace Fee') before discounts are applied

SERVICE FEE DISCOUNT (excl VAT): Discount applied to Uber's Service Fee. Occurs when cost of delivery is greater than the Delivery Fee.

TOTAL UBER SERVICE FEE (excl VAT): Uber's net Service Fee, after the Service Fee discount is applied

VAT ON UBER SERVICE FEES: Applicable in countries where we charge local VAT. VAT on Uber's Service Fee.

TOTAL UBER SERVICE FEE (incl VAT): Uber's Service Fee, after the Service Fee discount is applied, including VAT (applicable in Netherlands)

MISC. PAYMENTS (incl VAT): All miscellaneous payments

VAT ADJUSTMENT: Tax on Delivery Fee - tax on cost of delivery

PROFIT ON DELIVERY: Where Delivery Fee is greater than cost of delivery, this is equal to (Delivery Fee-cost of delivery)

NET PAYOUT: Total payout associated with this order (negative if associated with a refund)

PAYOUT DATE: Date payout initiated from Uber side (generally the Tuesday following the prior week)

ORDER STATUS: Either: Completed (eater received food), Cancelled (order cancelled by Eater or support), Refund (eater was refunded for order), or Failed (order was not able to be completed)