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Editing your Uber Eats Menu

Make changes to your menu through Menu Maker found in Restaurant Manager. Before following any of the menu update steps below, first follow these steps to access Menu Maker:

1. Access the Restaurant Manager by visiting the link below
2. Enter your account by entering your username, password and 4 digit pin
3. Expand the left menu by the fork and knife icon in the left menu bar and tap "Menu"

If reading this on the Restaurant Dashboard, we recommend following these steps on a desktop computer.
NOTE FOR POS USERS: If your POS is integrated with your Uber Eats menu, you should not submit menu changes using the Menu Maker. Change your menu directly from your POS system. Reach out to your POS provider with any questions.


1. Click the menu where you'd like to add an item (example: Breakfast Menu)
2. Click the category where the item should live (example: Sides)
3. Click "ADD ITEM" found by scrolling to the bottom of the menu item list
4. Enter the item name, description, price, tax amount, and any modifications
5. Click "SUBMIT CHANGES" to save these changes

You can change an item's name, price, description, modifiers and provide additional size options.

1. Click the menu where the item is located (example: Dinner Menu)
2. Click the category where the item lives (example: Appetizers)
2. Click the item you want to update to see it's details
3. From the item details view, click any detail to make changes
4. Select "SUBMIT CHANGES" to save these changes

NOTE: Some updates require a two-step verification from the Uber Eats menu team. Please note that changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your menu.


If you no longer carry an item on your menu, you can remove it from your menu completely.

1. From the Menu Maker, select the item
2. Tap "DELETE THIS ITEM" at the bottom of the page
3. Select "SUBMIT CHANGES" to save these changes


Customizations can be added to your menu items to help your eaters customize their meals. Customizations can have no charge associated with them, or they can have a dollar value attached. For example, you might want to allow a customer to choose a medium rare temperature for their burger for no charge, but you would like to charge $1.00 for adding cheddar cheese.

To manage customizations and provide additional size options, use the steps below:

1. Click the item you want to update to see its details.
2. Scroll down to "ADD MODIFIERS" - you can select a pre-designed modifier group, or click "ADD MODIFIER GROUP" to create a new one.
3. Name your modifier, and determine the minimum and maximum number of selections a customer may add.
4. Indicate whether the modifier is optional, or if a customer must select at least one modifier to check out.
5. Attach a price in the "OPTIONAL FEE" box, or leave it at $0.00 if the modifier does not have a charge.
6. Click "SAVE" to save your changes.
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To contact support, visit the link below.