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Instagram Delivery Button + Sticker

Instagram wants to help small- and medium-sized businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak and is partnering with Uber Eats to participate as a food delivery partner. Instagram created the ability for users to make purchases initiated in the Instagram app.

Restaurants will be able to add an 'Order Now' button to their Instagram profile that directly links to the order flow of the food delivery website of their choice. Instagram also launched an interactive 'Delivery' Stories sticker, which will be available in Instagram's sticker tray to eligible businesses. Followers who see the sticker utilized in Stories can also choose to re-share to help spread awareness.


In order to enable the 'Order Now' button and 'Delivery' stickers, restaurants will need to have an Instagram business or creator account and must be set up on a supported food delivery platform.

When creating your 'Order Now' button or 'Delivery' sticker, restaurants are asked to choose one delivery platform from a list of options.

Once selected restaurants must add the URL associated with their store under the Action button options in their Instagram profile.

You should have received your URL in an email sent to you by Uber Eats regarding these new features. Copy and paste the link from the email when enabling these features and it will send your followers to your Uber Eats menu.
You can find more specific instructions on the Instagram Help Center page for creating an Instagram business and setting up the 'Order Now' button and 'Delivery' sticker.