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Managing refunds for missing or incorrect orders

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Total refunds are deducted directly from restaurant payouts. This information is reflected in your Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement email within 1-2 weeks.

If you think an order error adjustment on your Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement is incorrect, select "ISSUE WITH UBER EATS WEEKLY PAY STATEMENT" below.
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Note that every order error adjustment is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Multiple factors are considered and we have measures in place to protect against potentially fraudulent customer or delivery partner reports.

To ensure order accuracy, top Restaurant partners recommend:
- Logging into Restaurant Manager to ensure your menu is current and customizations are correct
- Checking off items on a printed receipt to confirm the contents in the bag are accurate
- Sealing each bag when an order is complete
- Writing the five digit order number on the bag
- If there are multiple bags, numbering them ("1 of 2" and then "2 of 2", etc)
- Double-checking during hand-off to ensure every bag gets picked up by the correct delivery partner