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Setting Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours is a feature that enables restaurants to enter special holiday hours. Owner/Operators, Store Managers, or employees can update their holiday hours either directly in the tablet or in the online Restaurant Manager portal.

Recommendation: While hours can be updated in the tablet dashboard, it will be easier for Owner/Managers, to enter hours for their restaurants in Restaurant Manager.

Instructions for entering holiday hours through the tablet:
1.Click 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner.
2.Click "Settings"
3.Click "Holiday Hours"
4.Enter the date and any special hours if applicable

Note: The close time cannot be earlier than the open time. Best practice: Use "11:59 PM" to avoid this error.

Instructions for entering holiday hours online:
1.Log into Restaurant Manager using any web browser at restaurant.uber.com
2.Click "Holiday Hours"
3.Click "Add More" to add a day
4.Unchecking the box for "Closed all day" will open up the boxes to the right, allowing you to enter specific open/close times on certain days
5.Be sure to click "Save" once you're done entering

IMPORTANT: Create 2 entries if your store hours normally end after 12 AM. Regular menus hours will take back over at 12 AM on the next day unless holiday hours are set for both days.

Examples of typical holiday hours:

Closed all day -
Keep "Closed all day" checked (and save)

Closed mid-day for rest of day -
To close at 12 PM: Set hours to open at desired time and close at 12 PM on select date.

Closed during select hours -
To close from 12 PM - 9 PM: Set 2 separate date entries for the same day. Open from desired time to 12 PM and open from 9 PM to 11:59 PM on select date