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Taxes FAQs

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QUESTION: What tax documents do I receive?

You could receive 2 types of tax documents from us:

- 1099-K: An official IRS tax document that includes all gross earnings from meal orders. Not all restaurants will receive a 1099-K. Only restaurants who had more than $20,000 in meal orders and had at least 200 orders receive a 1099-K.

- 1099-MISC: An official IRS tax document providing a breakdown of promotion, referral, and other miscellaneous payments for the year. Only restaurants that are not C corporations that received $600 or more of these types of payments receive a 1099-MISC.
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QUESTION: What do I do with my 1099?

Uber does not provide tax advice. We recommend that you seek guidance from a qualified tax service like TurboTax and/or contact an independent tax professional for specific answers to tax questions. You can also check the IRS website for more information.
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QUESTION: When will I receive my 1099?

2017 1099s were mailed to the address you had entered in the RP portal on or before January 31, 2018.
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QUESTION: Can I download a copy of my 1099?

We do not currently support the ability to download a copy of your tax documents.
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QUESTION: What if I didn't receive my 1099 - can it be reissued?

Yes, get in touch with us using the link below
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QUESTION: The amount or info on my 1099 is incorrect - what do I do?

Get in touch with us using the link below
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To contact support, visit the link below.