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Getting a fare estimate

To get a fare estimate, go through steps to request a ride in-app, but don't confirm the ride. Fare estimates are shown for each vehicle option if upfront pricing is available in your area.

Here are the steps to get a fare estimate:

1. Enter your destination address in the "Where to?" box

2. Tap "CONFIRM PICKUP" or tap your pickup location on the map to enter a different address

3. Swipe through the list of vehicle options available in your area. Fare estimates are shown next to each one.

4. Fares may be higher than normal if dynamic pricing is in effect


- Estimated fares don't include promotions that are active on your account
- Factors like heavy traffic or bad weather that extend the distance or duration of your ride can change the amount you're actually charged

Tap the link below to get a fare estimate for a trip anywhere Uber is available: