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Paying with commuter benefits

We're excited to partner with WageWorks, Edenred, Ameriflex, Navia, and Benefit Resource so riders can use pre-tax dollars to pay for Uber rides.

Any Uber rider is eligible to use pre-tax dollars on uberPOOL if their employer provides a commuter program. All you have to do is add your commuter benefits card as a payment method on your Uber account before you ride, and make sure to select it when you are requesting during your commute.

Uber currently accepts the following commuter cards:

-WageWorks Commuter Prepaid MasterCard
-WageWorks Visa Prepaid Commuter Card
-TransitChek QuickPay Prepaid Visa Card
-MyAmeriflex Mastercard
-Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard
-eTRAC Prepaid Mastercard
-GoNavia Transit Benefit Card
-Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard

Once you've added your commuter benefits card to your Uber account, just make sure you select it as your payment method of choice before you make your uberPOOL ride request. By using your commuter benefits card for your commute, you'll be on your way to saving an average of 30% on your commute.

Learn more about Uber and commuter benefits below: