I can’t link to my company’s Uber for Business account

To help prevent issues connecting to your organization’s Uber for Business account:

  1. Don’t forward your invitation or use a forwarded invite.
    • Everyone your Uber Program Administrator invites to your Uber for Business account has their own personal invitation email.
  2. If you already have an existing personal Uber account, make sure you use your existing login information.
    • This is for login purposes only. Your personal account information won’t ever be shared with the company account, and you’ll never be charged for rides you arrange using Uber Health, Central, or vouchers you set up through your company’s Uber for Business account.
  3. Check your spam folder.
    • The invitation may have been flagged as spam. If this happens, you may want to flag that the email isn’t spam (if you see the option), to ensure you receive future updates about the company account.

If you’re still having issues, please ask your admin to resend the invite or contact Support.