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Nejde mi změnit telefonní číslo nebo e-mail

When you attempt to update your phone number in the Uber Eats app, you should receive a verification code via text message. Enter this code in your app to confirm the change.

Additionally, you may experience difficulty updating your email or phone number if you have more than one account. We recommend that users only have one Uber account for both rides and Uber Eats.

If you haven't already, use the link below to find steps on updating your phone number, email and other personal information.
If you received an error when attempting to edit your account, share additional details with us in the box below. This information is required to ensure the security of your account:
- First and last name
- Current email address on account
- Current phone number on account
- Desired phone number/email on account
- First 6 digits of a credit/debit card on file (do not send the full credit card number)
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