Eine Gruppenbestellung aufgeben

With Uber Eats for Business, you or an employee can place a group order by sharing a link with participants to add their own items. Once everyone has added their items, the person who placed the order can pay using the business account.

To place a group order:

  1. Sign in to ubereats.com.
  2. Select a merchant.
  3. Select “Group order.”
  4. Enter or review the delivery address and select “Invite people.”
  5. Different ways to invite people: copy link, copy QR code, send text . you can also easily select people you invited in previous group orders.
  6. Add your own items to the order.
  7. Once participants are done adding items, select the Carts icon or “[Your name]’s group order.”
  8. Select “Go to checkout” then “Continue to checkout.”
  9. Make sure the appropriate payment profile is selected and the delivery address and payment method are correct.
  10. Select “Place order.”

Once you begin the checkout process, participants can’t add more items. You can track the status of your order in-app or online.

Get help with a group order

If you or an employee need help with an order, contact Support in the Uber Eats app or visit help.uber.com/ubereats.