Uber Driver Account Information

Here’s what you can do at drivers.uber.com:

  • View and manage payment statements.
  • Access and download tax documents.
  • Update banking details.

Payment statements

Accessing your payment statements:

  1. Sign in to drivers.uber.com.
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Select Earnings and then Statements.
  4. Choose the month and year to find your statement.
  5. Tap View statement for the week you’re interested in.
  6. To download, tap Download CSV.

Your statement will show:

  • Weekly earnings and balance.
  • Detailed breakdown of your balance.
  • List of trips with amounts. Tap on the Trip ID to see more about a trip.

Tax documents

Viewing and downloading:

By selecting the Tax information tab, you can:

  • Get a yearly summary for your records.
  • Download as a PDF or print the documents.

To update your tax information, go to the Tax settings tab.

Banking information

Managing your banking details:

The Banking tab allows you to:

  • See your account balance and transactions instantly.
  • Update how you get paid, like changing bank accounts or debit cards.
  • Make payments to Uber.

Note: For security reasons, we hide full bank account numbers.