Ich möchte eine Zahlung auf Uber Cash umstellen

If you meant to use Uber Cash on a previous trip or Uber Eats order, it's possible to switch your payment, though you'll need enough Uber Cash on your account to cover the full price of the transaction.

When you've already paid for a trip with a different payment method, but meant to use Uber Cash, follow these steps:

1. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of your app.
2. Choose "Your Trips."
3. Select the trip you want to switch the payment method on.
4. Under "Need help with this trip?" find the switch payment method box and tap "Edit payment."
5. Check "Switch Payment Method for the trip" and tap next.
6. Select "Uber Cash" and tap "Next/Submit."

If this process isn't working, remember, you'll need an amount in your Uber Cash balance that is equal or greater than the price of the trip.

For questions related to switching a payment to Uber Cash, please share additional details with us below.