Mein Fahrpreis entspricht nicht dem Vorab-Fixpreis, der mir angezeigt wurde

When you select any vehicle option other than taxi, the price/ price range displayed in the app at the beginning of the trip above the slider is the expected fare you'll be charged for the ride.

If your final fare does not reflect the upfront price you were shown when you requested your trip, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot.

1. Was your destination changed during your trip?
The upfront fares are based on the exact pickup and drop off locations that you input, so when that trip is changed, our system switches to charging based on the time and distance of the actual trip instead, using the rates that apply to the vehicle option you selected.

2. Did you make any extra stops on your trip?
Similar to a change in destination, extra stops can result in changing the fare to be charged based on the time and distance of the trip taken. This helps ensure that your driver is fairly compensated for the trip taken. We'll review whether your trip qualifies for an adjustment.

In addition, the upfront price you're shown may change due to other circumstances, which may include significant changes to the route or duration of the trip or if you pass through a toll that was not factored into your upfront price. Additionally, you may incur wait time fees for the time you take to get to the car at the pickup or multi-stop fees for time spent at an on-trip stop.

The wait time fee grace period and the commencement of the no-show window start at the time of a driver’s arrival at a pick-up location. A driver’s arrival time is based on technology that uses GPS coordinates, which do not always perfectly correspond to real-world coordinates.

Your upfront price may change if you add stops, update your destination, take additional time at an on-trip stop, or the route or duration of the trip changes significantly.

If you did not make the above changes to your trip and your final fare was more than what you were shown at the start of the trip, please let us know by entering the date below. We'll review whether your trip qualifies for an adjustment.

*Time and distance pricing does not apply to Uber Reserve, which is paid as an upfront fare.

Please note that, as of August 10, 2022, multi-stop fees are not live in all US markets.