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Bag deposit refund

Given the market closure on 3rd of June and the current closure of all Greenlight locations, there is no possibility to return the delivery bag, but we want to make sure you have possibility to get the refund for the bag deposit you were charged. We strongly recommend you to dispose of the bag.

Accordingly, we have decided to refund the bag deposit. We will ask you to provide us with the picture of your bag, and we will go ahead and make the payment if you are eligible for it.

Please note that the following conditions must be met for additional payout:
You received bag in GLH and deposit has been deducted from your earnings
Your account is active.
You have made at least one trip in the last 6 months.
Request for a bag deposit refund should be submitted till 3rd of June.

If you are eligible for bag deposit refund please submit your request below.
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