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Coronavirus: Refund of sanitary products

Until the 1st fo December, Uber is committed to provide the means and equipment necessary to guarantee the safety of partner couriers. To help you take all possible precautions, Uber refund you up to € 25/30CHF for sanitary products.

These products are:

- Hydroalcoholic gels;
- Disinfectant wipes;
- Disposable gloves;
- Masks.


1. The receipt must date before the 1st of December.
2. The refund of the security kit is reserved for active couriers. Partners who have therefore made at least one delivery since October 20th, 2020 are eligible for this refund.
3. Only the following products are eligible: Disinfectant wipes, Disposable gloves, Masks and Hydroalcoholic gels for a maximum amount of € 25/30CHF per partner.
4. To benefit from this, upload the receipt for your purchase below (a clear photography containing the name and price of the items individually will suffice). Please clearly write your First, Last Name and your Signature on the receipt.

In order to speed up the refund process, please respect the instructions above.
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