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Coronavirus financial assistance policy (UK)

If you drive or deliver with Uber and get diagnosed with COVID-19, or are placed in quarantine by a recognized public health authority, Uber will provide financial assistance for up to 10 days while your Uber account is on hold.

In order to ensure we can provide support to those who need it most, we'll provide financial assistance to you if any of the following happen:

1. You are diagnosed with COVID-19
2. You are placed in an individual quarantine by a public health authority
3. You are personally asked by a public health authority or licensed medical provider to self-isolate
4. Your account is restricted by Uber as a result of information provided by a public health authority
that you have been diagnosed or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Additionally, you must have taken at least one trip on the Uber platform in the previous 30 days.

You will still be eligible to receive Partner Protection coverage through AXA in addition to Uber's financial assistance, provided you meet AXA' s eligibility criteria.

Please complete the below form to submit your claim for financial assistance. You must also agree to ALL of the following conditions to be considered for financial assistance by clicking each checkbox below.

Note: Conditions with '*' apply only to Partner-Drivers and not delivery couriers.

Once you submit this form, a member of our specialised team will be in touch with you on next steps.
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