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COVID 19 Personal Protective Equipment Payout

We are always working to help keep everyone who uses Uber safe, and due to the current circumstances we are constantly in contact with public health authorities to provide the most up to date guidance on how to protect yourself and others. Since 29 April 2020, the Jordanian Government requires every driver to wear a mask and gloves and have a separator separating the driver from passengers in the car.

Accordingly we have decided to make a one-time reimbursement with a maximum threshold of JOD 11 to cover the expense of buying masks, gloves and a separator to abide by these government regulations. We will ask you to provide us with a proof of payment & picture of the products bought here, in order to make the reimbursement. You will see this one time payment in your next payment cycle.

Please make sure to upload the proof of payment & picture of the products here, otherwise the payment wont be processed.
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