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Device fees and deposits

If you have an Uber device, there is a $200 deposit deducted in $50 increments over 4 weeks. The deposit is deducted from your total payout as a miscellaneous payment.

There is also a $15 for Uber-issued devices. This weekly fee offsets Uber's cost of operating the partner app on an Uber-issued phone, including data, development, and inventory costs.

Upon return of a device in working condition, your deposit is returned in full as a miscellaneous payment and weekly device fees will stop being charged. If you return the device by mail, please allow up to 4 weeks for confirmation of receipt. You will be reimbursed for any weekly data fees incurred during shipping time.

There is no deposit or weekly fee if you are using the partner app on your own device.

If your Uber-issued device is not returned after deactivating your partner account or choosing to end your partnership with Uber, your deposit will be forfeited.