Guaranteed fare promotions for new driver-partners

WHAT ARE GUARANTEED FARE PROMOTIONS? These promotions guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money during your first 90 days after signing up, provided you complete the minimum number of trips.

If you complete the required number of trips and earn less than the guaranteed amount, we’ll pay you the difference between the two.

If your total earnings are greater than the amount guaranteed, you will not receive any additional payments.

Your total earnings are the total fares for your trips minus any tips, incentives or fees paid to Uber.

AM I ELIGIBLE FOR A GUARANTEE? If you received an email and SMS after signing up with an offer for a guarantee, you are eligible for the promotion.

You must complete the required number of trips stated in your offer within 90 days of signup.

IS THIS AMOUNT GUARANTEED AFTER 90 DAYS? The offer is only a guarantee of how much you will make by completing the minimum number of required trips within 90 days, which is determined by the city you signed up in. This is not a guarantee of any future earnings outside of the offer.

CAN I TRACK MY PROGRESS TOWARD THE GUARANTEE? The amount guaranteed to you can be compared with your total earnings (trip fares minus tips, incentives and Uber fees).

You can always keep track of your total earnings in the Partner Earnings Dashboard.