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How are my Boost earnings calculated for delivery?

Boost earnings multipliers offer added earnings on top of delivery fares, particularly during busy times and in busy locations.

When Boost is offered for a delivery trip and all promotion requirements are met, your fare will be multiplied by the amount specified in the offer.

The Uber service fee only applies to base delivery fares, so any additional amount you earn through Boost is excluded from the fee calculation.

Here's an example:

If the delivery fare is $6.00, the Boost multiplier is 1.5x, and the Uber service fee is 25%, the payout is calculated as:

- Delivery Fare plus Boost: $6.00 delivery fare x 1.5 Boost multiplier = $9.00
- Uber service fee: $6.00 delivery fare x 25% service fee = $1.50
- Net payout: $9.00 total fare - $1.50 Uber fee = $7.50