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I need to provide more information for my background check

If your background check, conducted by our third-party background check provider, Triton, indicated that you needed to visit your local police station to obtain your Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (PIC-VS), or if you already have this document, we’ll be happy to help you upload it so you can get on the road.

Please take a photo of each individual page of your PIC-VS. Additionally, you must provide a photo of the police seal on the last page of the document.

  1. Tap the camera icon in the boxes below to upload or take a picture of your document.
  2. If you’re on your phone, select “Take Photo”. If you are on a desktop browser, you’ll be asked to upload a picture saved to your computer.
  3. Repeat this for each photo you have to submit.

Here are some tips for uploading your documents:

  • Do not upload a scanned or photocopied version of the document, as it will not be accepted. Please use your phone’s camera to take photos of the original document.
  • Make sure the image is not blurry. We need to be able to read the text on each document.
  • Please show the entire document in the image (make sure all 4 corners are visible.)

We’ll confirm your submission and direct you to the next steps if there are any issues with the attached documents.

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