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NYC Payment

Due to a discrepancy between your pay statements and our terms of service, we are recalculating per-trip payments for all eligible trips between November 10, 2014 and May 22, 2017. Please check your email for details on your payment amount. The payment will be deposited into your bank account on file within 7 days

If you haven't taken a trip in 90 days, please confirm your vault information and fill out this survey to let us know we can process your payment.


What changed?

When calculating the Uber fee, applicable sales tax and/or Black Car Fund fees were included in the total. These taxes and fees should have been removed before calculating the Uber fee. This means that a number of you are owed the difference and we are committed to paying back every penny -plus interest- as quickly as possible.

How is the payment calculated?

We calculated the difference between the Uber fee on the gross amount and what the Uber fee would have been if calculated net of sales tax and/or Black Car Fund fee.

Who is eligible for a payment?

NYC driver partners who have taken trips between November 10, 2014 and May 21, 2017 may be eligible. This does not apply for Uber Eats, RUSH, taxi, or livery vehicles.

How do I know if I am owed money?

You will receive an email from Uber with the total amount that you are owed. You will also receive an in-app notification.

How can I get my payout?

If you have taken a trip within the last 90 days, the payment will be deposited directly into your bank account on file with Uber.

If you have not taken a trip within the past 90 days, your payment will be deposited within 1-2 weeks of verifying your bank account by completing the Uber NYC Bank Form.

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