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Opt-out / Opt back into Non-Food or Uber Connect trips

As a delivery person, you have access to all delivery products including item deliveries. If you are using a car for your deliveries (subject to eligibility and location), you will be automatically opted-in to start receiving non-food trips and Uber Connect once it launches.

You can use the below form to OPT OUT or OPT BACK IN to Non-Food trips and Uber Connect.

With non-food deliveries, instead of delivering meals from restaurants, you will be helping businesses send items to their customers in your community. These items could include groceries, pet food, toys, or even retail clothing.


Uber Connect allows Uber rider app users to send packages to family and friends. It's an affordable same-day, contactless delivery solution that keeps people feeling connected. Connect will only be available to delivery people who use a car as their vehicle in select cities.

Please note that both Connect and Non-food trips have an item limit of up to 20kgs. But if you have difficulty lifting an item or if you feel unsafe delivering the item, you can cancel without it affecting your cancellation rate or Pro status.

To read know more on the item restrictions for Connect and non-food trips, please go here:
Let us know in the form below if you wish to opt out or opt back in to Non-food and Uber Connect trips.
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