Referring drivers

Share your unique invite code and earn rewards when new users sign up and use Uber. Here’s how:

Rewards for inviting:

  • New Drivers: They must sign up with your invite code and complete a set number of trips or meet other criteria.

Note: Rewards are limited to one per new sign-up. If your referral previously had an Uber account to drive, you may not receive a reward.

Find and share your invite code:

In the Driver app:

  • Go to the Earnings tab and click Invite Friends Now
  • Click on Send invite at the bottom of your screen and share refferal ink to your friends
  • Check the status of your referrals and potential rewards

On the website (

  • Choose Invites from the main menu

  • Access the same information as the Driver app .

    After a successful referral:

  • You’ll receive an email or in-app notification

  • The reward appears in the Miscellaneous or Other Payments section of your statement within one to two weeks

If you haven’t received a reward:

  • The rider may not have used your invite code or hasn’t taken a set number of rides or may have a previous Uber account. Feel free to remind them incase of first two situations.

Other Important Info:

  • Your driver account won’t show the total number of successful referrals
  • Invite codes can’t be changed
  • Your invitees may receive a reward for signing up with your code, but the exact amount isn’t disclosed to them