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Setting up banking information

Here's how to update your banking information:

1. Sign in to vault.uber.com.
2. Edit your information and tap Modify.
3. Uber will send a text SMS with a unique 4-digit pin to your phone.
4. On the Vault page, you'll be prompted to Validate Your Identity.
5. Enter your 4-digit pin and tap SUBMIT.
6. Edit your routing and checking account numbers.
7. Tap SAVE.

Your routing and checking numbers are available from your bank. If you carry printed personal checks, these two numbers are typically printed at the bottom of each check.

To update your phone number, please use your app or sign in to partners.uber.com to get started:

1. Select PROFILE from the menu.
2. Tap EDIT next to your name.
3. Update your phone number and tap SAVE.

Please note that updates or changes to your bank account details can delay receipt of your weekly payment by 3-5 business days. If possible, submit changes before 4am local time on Monday to ensure your next payment is made to your new account on time. If a payment is made to your previous account, please contact your bank to retrieve it.
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