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Tips on uploading documents

We generally require photos of the following documents to keep your account active, though requirements may vary by city or if delivering with UberEats. We aim to review your documents in 2 hours after they have been uploaded through your app or by visiting on the web at drivers.uber.com. However there may be times it takes up to 48 hours to be reviewed. You can use these suggestions to make uploading your documents a smooth and easy process.

A valid, non expired driver license will be required if you plan on using a vehicle to drive with Uber or deliver with UberEATS.

Here are some tips to ensure we can clearly see your Driver License photo:
- Avoid using flash to prevent glare that may block any information
- Rotate your phone horizontally to fit all 4 corners into the frame easily
- Take the photo on a clean, flat surface
- We are not able to accept scans or photocopies or digital copies of your driver license

Your vehicle registration helps us let riders know which vehicle you are going to be using. Make sure this document is not expired and clearly shows the following:

- License Plate
- Make & Model
- Vehicle Identification Number or VIN
- Make sure the full registration is in the photo and unfolded

If you plan on using a personal vehicle you will need to provide proof of insurance to meet state and local laws. When uploading your insurance make sure to check the following are clearly visible:

- Your Name (If your name is not listed on your insurance card, upload a copy of the Declaration Page instead that shows your name on the policy)
- Year, make, model and VIN of your vehicles
- Insurance company
- Effective & Expiry date of your policy term

You will be able to upload multiple photos if the information is on separate pages.

Double check that your insurance document is currently effective and not expired prior to uploading. If the effective date has not started, please wait to upload this document until that date.

Some cities require a Vehicle Inspection to be completed and passed to be able to drive passengers. When uploading make sure the document clearly shows the following:

- Vehicle Identification Number or VIN
- Clearly indicates a passed inspection
- The inspection date
- Passed inspections forms from other rideshare companies may also be accepted.

You can find locations to complete this inspection below.
To give rides or make deliveries with Uber you must hold a valid U.S. driver's license for at least 1 year. Three years of U.S. driving experience is required to give rides if you are under 23 years old. You can upload one of the following documents:

- Out of State License
- Commercial License
- Previous Expired License
- Driving Record or Driving Abstract
- Temporary Visitor Driver's Licensing

If you are having trouble locating one of these documents you can visit the page linked below to get more assistance.
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