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Uber decal requirements

Under local regulations, all drivers must display an Uber decal (also called a sticker or trade dress) on their vehicle while online. Your decal should be removed when you're not online. You can use the paper they come with to hold your decal when you're offline.

Any Uber-branded decals or signage used for your vehicle should be discarded or returned in the event of account deletion or deactivation.

For more information on the decal requirement in your city, including information on required placement, please visit the first link below and scroll down to your local vehicle requirements information.

You can order new trade dress at the link below. If there is a Greenlight hub in your city, you can also pick up a decal there.

Please be aware that local and/or state laws in your area may prohibit the display of decals in order to impersonate a rideshare driver, and criminal penalties may apply.
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