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Battery swapping FAQ

Where should I pick up the charged batteries?
Pick up fully charged bike batteries from the pickup area at the JUMP warehouse, indicated by the house icon on your JUMP Starter app. Once you arrive at the warehouse, follow signage on the ground toward the pickup area.

When should I pick up the charged batteries?
Charged batteries are available for pickup from the warehouse during the listed times in your app. Keep in mind that you can only pick up new batteries once you've returned the dead ones.

How do I confirm a swap is successful?
You'll know the swap was successful when you see the "Swap complete" screen in your JUMP Starter app. After a successful swap, the bike will no longer show as available on the JUMP Starter map.

Can I charge batteries on my own?
No. All bike batteries are charged at the JUMP warehouse. Any JUMP Starters found charging bike batteries will be removed from the program at Uber's discretion.

How long do I have to drop off the low batteries?
Please return low batteries to the JUMP warehouse within 24 hours of picking up the charged batteries.

What happens if I don't drop off the low batteries?
If you don't return bike batteries, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to move scooters or swap bike batteries.

Not returning low batteries to the JUMP warehouse is deemed an unsuccessful swap and subject to the Payment Terms. You will not be entitled to any payment, and if a payment is made, Uber may recover such payment.