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How do I rent a JUMP scooter?

Rent a JUMP scooter by reserving it ahead of time in the Uber app or when you see an available scooter in your area. Reserving a scooter ahead of time ensures the scooter is there when you arrive.

Find a JUMP scooter
1. Tap the bike/scooter icon
2. Look for scooters near you on the map
4. Select a scooter and tap "Reserve"

Start your ride
1. Go to your scooter's location
2. Tap the blue QR code icon in the Uber app
3. Scan the QR code on the scooter's handlebar to unlock it

Note: You can also unlock a scooter by entering its alphanumeric ID into the app.

If you're having trouble renting a JUMP scooter, let us know below.
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