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How to pick up scooters

How do I find scooters?

On the home screen, make sure you are in Pickup mode (you can toggle back and forth between Pickup and Dropoff modes at the top of the screen).

Your location is the blue dot. The locations of available scooters near you are marked with icons showing the dollar amount you will earn for a successfully pickup a scooter and return it to the JUMP Warehouse, indicated by the house icon on your JUMP Starter app.. See Payment Terms and Conditions for details on how to receive a full payout.

Tap an icon to see that scooter's information. If you need help navigating to the scooter, click "Navigate." When you reach a scooter, tap "Scan," then scan the QR code on the scooter's handlebars to confirm your pickup.

What do I do if another starter shows up at the same time?

There are plenty of scooters out here for everybody: first come, first served. Please be respectful of fellow JUMP Starters.

Where shouldn't I go to pick up scooters?

- It is best practice to follow the law and avoid doing anything that could be dangerous. In part this means:
- Staying off of private property. If you're not sure if a place is private property, you can assume that it is and stay away.
- Staying out of marked construction zones and secure areas.
- Avoiding places that could be dangerous. If you see a scooter that's hard to reach safely and legally, please send a support message (see above).
- Remember that you've agreed to be responsible for the consequences of your actions while providing JUMP Starter Services.

When can I pick up scooters?

Scooters will be available when the battery level drops to a minimum charge.

How many scooters can I pick up at once?

For now, the limit is 100 scooters at a time. You may only transport those number of scooters that, combined, do not exceed your vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating as specified by your vehicle manufacturer,

Alright, I'm ready to go. Any other pointers?

- GPS may not always be perfect, so scooters may not be exactly where they appear on the map. They should be close (within at most 50 ft.).
- The base of the scooter can spin while it is in the air, so it;s best to remain alert when lifting the scooter. It's best to lift with your legs, rather than your back.
- Don't pick up a scooter that you see in the street but not in the app. Not all scooters are available for recharge at all times. If it's not in the app, you won't be able to scan the scooter for pickup.

What if the scooter's QR code is broken or unreadable?

If the QR code isn't scanning, you can type in the scooter's code manually. The code is 4 to 6 characters (numbers and letters) and it's printed on the handlebars.

Everything looks right, but I still can't pick up the scooter! What do I do?

Some tips:
- Check your phone's connectivity (try switching airplane mode on and off).
- Make sure the scooter says JUMP on it! (Maybe it sounds obvious, but there are a lot of scooters out there.)
- Make sure the scooter is actually available for charge (it shows up on your pickup map with the same ID number as the scooters).
- If the above all looks good but there's still a problem, go ahead and take the scooter and contact support with the scooter's ID number.