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I'm facing issues after updating the app

The JUMP and Uber apps now use Uber account logins. To ensure your JUMP and Uber accounts are linked and help us determine any issues, please follow the steps below:

1. Reserve a JUMP bike or scooter
2. Cancel the reservation (so you're not charged)

Once you've completed that process you should be good to take JUMP trips on either the JUMP or Uber app.

Note: While you can use JUMP credits on the Uber and JUMP apps, currently you'll only be able to view your balance by navigating to app.jumpbikes.com/memberships and logging in. Additionally, Uber Cash is currently only available on the Uber app.

If you wish to use these payment methods, please be sure to use their associated application.

if you are still having issues with taking trips, pricing plans, or boost programs, please fill out the form below.

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