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My scooter is damaged

If you find a scooter that is damaged, please bring it to the JUMP Warehouse for our team to inspect.

If you are able to pick up the scooter by scanning it onto your tasklist, you will be able to drop off the vehicle through the JUMP Starter app once you arrive at the JUMP Warehouse. If the QR code isn't scanning, you can type in the vehicle's code manually. The code is 4 to 6 characters (numbers and letters) and it's printed on the handlebars.

We know that sometimes vehicles are too dead or damaged to be scanned onto your JUMP Starter app. If this is the case, please go ahead and take the scooter to the JUMP Warehouse and let us know below. Once you get to the warehouse, please take a photo of the dropped off scooter and send it to our support team.
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