No-show and cancellation fee for Shuttle FAQs

Why is there a cancellation/no-show fee?

Uber is all about providing access to safe, reliable and affordable rides for anyone, anywhere and at any time. The cancellation fee aims to minimize wait at pick-up, no-shows and last-minute cancellations which will lead to improving the trip-experience for riders.

When will a cancellation/no-show fee apply?

Cancellation fee

You can cancel your trip free of charge:

  • Within 5 minutes of booking
  • Up to 60 minutes before your scheduled pickup

You’ll be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 60 mins before your scheduled pickup.

No-show fee

You’ll be charged a no-show fee if you miss your scheduled pickup.


The cancellation fee doesn’t apply:

  • If the bus is running more than 5 minutes late
  • To riders with an Uber Shuttle package

How much is the cancellation/no-show fee?

The cancellation/no-show fee is the full price of the trip.