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Unable to contact riders

If you're having trouble connecting with riders, check to make sure the phone number on your Uber account is your correct mobile number (not a home number) that isn't private, blocked, or a Google Voice number.

To edit your phone number:

Tap the profile photo in the upper right corner
Select "Account" from the top menu, then "Edit Account"
Tap your phone number
Enter your new number

Check that "Do Not Disturb" mode is OFF on your phone. Otherwise, phone calls may automatically forward to your voicemail.

Uber anonymizes rider and driver phone numbers in India, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Estonia, Slovakia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, and Hong Kong.

An anonymized phone number displayed when you contact a rider (or vice versa) is unique and cannot be saved.

Please use the Driver app anytime you wish to contact a rider.