Uber Controlled Substances Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the drug testing process work?

Uber may invite you to volunteer for a drug test if your account is at risk of deactivation for drug-related complaints. Uber will use the information you provide to register a drug test on your behalf at LabCorp, and you’ll receive more detailed registration information at the email address you provide. You’ll be able to select and visit the most convenient LabCorp location for you, provide the registration information from your email, and work with staff on-site to provide a urine sample. LabCorp will perform a test for various substances.

All testing information, including the results, will be collected, handled and stored by LabCorp in accordance with their privacy policy. Uber’s access to the testing information will be limited to the negative and/or positive results made available through a LabCorp portal. Only authorized agents will have access to the portal in order to review the test results. Based on the results, Uber will decide whether to reactivate your account and will let you know the final outcome through in-app support.

I was accused of impaired driving. Why didn’t I receive an offer to take a drug test?

Controlled substance tests are not offered in response to all allegations of impairment. At this time, these tests are only offered if you are at risk of deactivation for a drug-related complaint and the complaint was received in a reasonable amount of time after the related trip was completed. If those conditions are not met, then you will not be eligible for a controlled substances test.

Do I have to go through Uber’s test ordering process, or can I just take a drug or alcohol test myself?

Uber has partnered with LabCorp to provide drug testing services. If you choose to take a drug test, you must use Uber’s test ordering process. Other tests will not be considered when reviewing your account.

Can I have more than 72 hours to complete my drug test?

Intoxicants leave the body over time, so the drug test is time-sensitive. This is why the test must be completed within 72 hours. Tests taken after 72 hours cannot be considered.

What if I take legal controlled substances recreationally?

Because riders reported that you appeared to be intoxicated while driving, any positive drug test result may result in the permanent deactivation of your Uber account.

What if I have a prescription for controlled substances that may show up on a drug test?

If your controlled substances test returns a presumptive positive result then it will be sent to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for further analysis. An MRO is a licensed physician who will review the laboratory results and work with you directly to establish if the positive was caused by a valid prescription of medical treatment. Uber will take the MROs final review into account when determining the status of your account.