My store isn't visible in the Uber Eats app

If your store is visible in the Uber Eats app, you’ll see a green bar in the sidebar.

If you don’t see this green bar, please check if you have received your first order through Uber Eats Orders yet. If you haven’t received your first order yet, please contact support. If you have received your first order, check if the following things are true:

  1. You’re within your Uber Eats operating hours
  2. Your tablet is switched on
  3. You’re connected to internet/WiFi
  4. If you’ve verified the 3 steps above and are still having difficulty connecting the internet, try rebooting your device. You should also reboot your tablet if you receive an error message that states “doesn’t accept orders”.

To verify your visibility, visit our website and type in your store’s address in the search bar. If your store is visible it will appear on the page as visible.

If you’re still experiencing visibility issues, please contact support via email at

For more help with Uber Eats Orders, see our Restaurant Dashboard training