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PLEASE NOTE: In our efforts to help protect drivers, riders, and our community, we've suspended the Uber Pool product until further notice. This is in an effort to help flatten the curve and limit the spread of COVID-19.
There are a few scenarios that may cause you to receive fewer requests than usual. We recommend taking the following actions:

1. Check that your trip type preferences are set to receive all types that you are eligible for. You can opt in to receiving all trip types you are eligible for by tapping the reset button in your trip types preferences.

2. Turn off the destination setting if it is on. This feature is great to use if you are nearing the end of your time online, but it results in fewer trip requests since it only looks for trips going in a certain direction.

3. Confirm you are driving within your approved service area. We also recommend driving to an area in the city with higher demand, such as a downtown region.

If you've taken the following steps detailed above, it is likely that the area you are driving in is experiencing low demand.

We've found that demand for trips varies based on location and time. For example, there are typically more requests in the mornings and evenings. Additionally, demand for trips can vary by time of year. If you find that you are not receiving as many requests as you have in the past, it may be due to a seasonal decline in trips due to weather or other reasons.

If you're not receiving trip requests and found that the troubleshooting information listed above does not apply, please let us know here:
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