Shipper Platform Invoice and Payment Information

What kind of payment does Uber Freight accept?

Uber Freight prefers ACH payments but also accepts checks and credit cards. Checks can be sent to Uber Freight, PO Box 74007178, Chicago, IL 60674.

Note: Please remember to send the remittance information to

How do I reach customer support if I have a question or an issue with payment?

If you have any issues with a payment or questions about billing, email for assistance.

Who can I contact if my account is on hold due to a billing issue?

Please email for assistance.

Can I use a credit card as a payment method?

Uber Freight accepts US credit cards as a payment option on the shipper platform. Currently, this is only available in the US.

To add a credit card for payment, click on Settings, then Payment Settings, and add the card. Only one credit card may be added to the account at any given time. If you do not see the Payment Settings option on the platform, please email Uber Freight Support at or call 877-289-8237.

What happens if I add a credit card after a load is created on the platform?

Loads will be invoiced/charged on the customer’s payment method (CC or ACH) at the time of load creation. If a load is created before a credit card is added, the load must be paid through ACH. All loads created after a credit card is added will be charged to the credit card on file.

How long does it take to see the charge on a credit card?

Credit cards will automatically be charged on the date the invoice is generated.

How do I update my payment information?

To remove and/or edit the existing payment information, please contact Uber Freight Support by emailing or by calling 877-289-8237. Updated payment information can be entered once the removal is complete.

What are Uber Freight’s accessorial rates, and when do I get charged?

Accessorial charges will be included on your invoice. Invoices are available after the load has been delivered. To learn more about accessorials, click here.

Where can I view invoices?

Invoices are emailed to the billing contact after the load has been delivered. They are also available on the shipper platform dashboard on the billing page and within each individual load card.

  1. In the shipper platform, click on “Billing” from the navigation bar on the top right.
  2. Select “Download invoice”.

For any questions about invoicing statements, please email

What do the “.1” and “.2” numbers mean on my invoice?

The “.1” and “.2” (etc.) after your invoice number means the invoice has been updated since the original invoice was generated. The latest version of your invoice is the most up-to-date. When paying, reference the “Outstanding balance as of” date on the most recent invoice.

How can I add additional email addresses to receive invoices?

Email with any additional email addresses you’d like to add.

How long should I expect to wait for invoices?

Uber Freight starts processing invoices as soon as the driver uploads the POD. You should expect to receive invoices 1-2 weeks after a shipment is delivered. Your payment terms won’t start until receipt of the invoice. Proper documentation must be correctly provided to process a timely payment. To receive invoices faster, you may approve Uber Freight to invoice your shipments without a POD by emailing

How long does it take to receive a revised invoice?

You should expect to receive the revised invoice in 5-7 business days.

Why does my invoice still show as “Payment Due” or “Overdue” on the billing page even though I paid?

Payment details may take up to 48 hours to be reflected on the billing page after Uber Freight has received your payment. If a partial payment was received (for example, an accessorial was not paid), the billing page will still reflect “Payment Due” until resolved in full.

How do I generate a bill of lading (BOL)?

  1. Go to the dashboard.
  2. Click on the specific shipment to open the load details page.
  3. Under Documents, click on “Bill of Lading”.

The ability to generate a BOL is only available in the US. A BOL can only be generated after a driver has been assigne to the shipment by the carrier.

For LTL shipment, you must go to the shipper platform to download the copy of BOL that was generated on the shipper platform and provide this BOL to the carrier upon their arrival to avoid unnecessary fees.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my LTL invoice or need to dispute a charge?

Please email our support team at for assistance.

A carrier is assigned to my shipment. Why can’t I download a BOL yet?

Once a driver is assigned to your load, you can download a BOL from that load’s specific page within your dashboard. If a carrier has reserved your load but hasn’t assigned a driver, you won’t be able to download the BOL. In those cases, contact Uber Freight at for additional assistance.

How do I download my proof of delivery (POD) or invoice?

  1. Go to the dashboard.
  2. Open the load details page.
  3. Select either Download Proof of Delivery (POD) or Download Invoice.

Note: you can also enable or disable email notifications for when these documents become available.

Where can I find the W-9 form?

You can find a copy of the Uber Freight W-9 form in your welcome packet.