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Delivery partner arrived early

If you find delivery partners arrive too early, your prep time may need adjustment.

Uber Eats uses an ever improving algorithm to predict restaurant prep times, however you can also manually update your restaurant's prep time to suit your preference.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Adjust your average preparation times based on time of day and day of week by logging into your restaurant portal at on your computer or tablet.
2. Select the Stopwatch icon on the left navigation panel, this will take you to the Preparation Times menu.
3. Click the "ADD MORE" button to add new time and date segments with different default prep times than your normal default prep time and then click "SAVE" to save all changes.

NOTE: Only select the minimum amount of extra time you need! We want to make sure food isn't sitting for too long before a delivery partner arrives.

For more help with your restaurant dashboard, please visit: