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How do I cancel an order?

DON'T do this unless you absolutely cannot prepare the entire order.

If you need additional time to prepare an order, please use the "Delay Order" option so that you can be matched with a different Delivery Partner. Follow these steps:

1. When viewing an order, tap on the "HELP" button on the top right of the order page.
2. If a delivery partner has not yet been requested, select "DELAY ORDER" to add additional time.
3. If your kitchen finishes preparing an order early, you can hit the "READY FOR PICKUP" button and that will send a delivery partner to you

If you need to cancel, follow these steps:

1. Tap the "HELP" button in the top right of the order info screen that you would like to cancel.
2. Tap "CANCEL ORDER" and provide the reason for why you're canceling.

The customer will then get a notification that his/her order could not be fulfilled. You will not be paid for any orders that you cancel.