Besoin d'aide ?

Que faire si nous avons confié la mauvaise commande au coursier ?

Reach out to the delivery partner directly to coordinate returning the order to the merchant. To do so:

1. Go to the "Order history" section of Restaurant Dashboard (the clock icon in the lower left)
2. Find the list of all past orders, which will include the phone number of delivery partners currently en route to your customers
3. Call the delivery partner at the phone number listed

If you are unable to reach the delivery partner, you can:

- Contact the customer directly using the "Contact the customer" option on Restaurant Dashboard. We recommend trying this first, especially if the customer had an allergy request (see the "Allergies" or "Special Instructions" section below the item).
- Contact Uber support from Restaurant Dashboard. We'll contact the customer directly and let them know to expect a delay due to the mix up.