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What if I run out of an item?

If an order is in progress and a delivery person hasn't already been dispatched, use Restaurant Dashboard to notify the customer that you've run out of an item:

1. Tap the order.
2. Tap the button in the top right corner for order help.
3. Select "Out of item".
4. Tap the check box to select the item(s) as out of stock.
5. Tap "Confirm" to notify the customer (wait to hear back before you prepare this order - the customer has 10 minutes to confirm whether they want to continue with this order or update it).

NOTE: You may not see the option "Out of item". This depends on how the customer placed the order or if a delivery person has already been dispatched. If you don't see this, select "Call the customer" instead.

1. You'll see a prompt to "Go to menu".
2. For each menu item, mark "Sold out today" or "Sold out indefinitely".
3. Tap "Submit".

- Items marked as "Sold out today" are hidden from customers until the following day
- Items marked as "Sold out indefinitely" remain unavailable until you change it to "Available"

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