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Mon chauffeur a refusé de se rendre à la destination sélectionnée

If your driver refused your destination, let us know what happened below.

It is a good practice to contact your driver if you're planning to travel a long distance. Many drivers need to make the return trip home after reaching your destination, so it's helpful to let your driver know it'll be a long trip right after they accept your request.

Please also note that, on some trip request types, riders may be asked to walk a short way during the pickup and/or drop-off process. This includes Express Pool and opting to walk during regular UberX Share trips. If you believe that you were picked up or dropped off at the wrong location, please follow the link below.
If you believe you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee, go back in your trip history and select the trip in question. Under the trip, select "Review my cancellation fee" and we'll look into it.
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