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Terms and Conditions for Renewable Passes

These Terms govern your purchase and use of any subscription or pass that renews automatically ("Renewable Passes"). Purchase and use of Renewable Passes is also subject to the Terms of Use that you agreed to when you created an Uber account.

How Renewable Passes Work
Renewable Pass offers are subject to the specific terms of the offer you received. Please refer to the offer for details before buying a Renewable Pass. When you buy a Renewable Pass you agree to these Terms as well as the specific terms of the offer you received, which include important details and restrictions, including but not limited to where and when a Renewable Pass may be used, the benefit conferred by the Renewable Pass, the cost of the Renewable Pass, and the billing interval. Unless you cancel by following the instructions below, your payment method will be billed at the interval set forth in the Renewable Pass offer.

Duration and Frequency of Charges
When you buy a Renewable Pass, you'll be charged on the date of purchase, which activates the Pass for the term set forth in the offer you received. Unless you cancel, you'll be charged at the interval stated in your Renewable Pass offer based on the initial purchase date on your selected payment method. If that payment method is declined, Uber will prompt you for a new payment method but reserves the right to terminate any unpaid periods in your Renewable Pass with no further charges to you. Uber is not responsible for any fees charged by the cardholder's bank including, but not limited to, overdraft fees, insufficient funds fees, interest charges, foreign exchange fees, cross border fees, and other penalties levied by the cardholder's bank.

Canceling Your Renewable Pass
You may cancel your Renewable Pass within the app up to 24 hours prior to the next scheduled payment to avoid further charges. To do this:
1. Go to the Ride Pass section under the Uber app menu of your Uber app
2. Tap the toggle to the 'Turn Renewal off' selection to the off position.

If you cancel, you will still have access to your Renewable Pass until the end of the current billing period. Please use to report any unauthorized charges within 60 days. Uber is not responsible for overdraft fees that may be incurred.

Changes to Renewable Passes
Uber reserves the right to modify or stop offering Renewable Passes, or change route prices, at any time in its sole discretion. If your Renewable Pass becomes more expensive, we will provide you with thirty (30) days prior notice via email before such changes take effect. All changes will be effective upon your next billing cycle, but you may avoid these changes by canceling your Renewable Pass according to the instructions above.

Uber may terminate your Renewable Pass at our discretion without notice. If that happens, Uber will give you a pro-rated refund based on charges already applied to your current billing period. We will not give any refund for termination related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates these Terms, Uber's Terms of Use, any applicable law, or involves fraud or misuse of the Renewable Pass.

Changes to Renewable Pass Terms
Uber reserves the right to modify these Terms. If we make material changes while you have an active Renewable Pass, we will notify you either in the Ride Pass section of the app or via email. Revised Terms become effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle and your continued use of a Renewable Pass constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms. If you are not willing to agree to the revisions, you may cancel your Renewable Pass as described above.