Comment puis-je laisser un pourboire à mon coursier ?

The easiest way to tip your delivery person is through the app. Giving cash directly to your delivery person is also an option.

Note that we do not take service fees on tips.

Use one of these 3 ways to tip your delivery person in the app:

Before placing your order (not available in NYC)

  1. After selecting your order items, follow the prompts to check out.
  2. The last screen before placing your order will be the tip screen.
  3. Select the tip amount/percentage or tap Other to enter a custom amount.

You can change this tip amount up to one hour after the order has been delivered.

After delivery (not available in NYC)

Once your order is delivered, you’re prompted to rate your experience and add a tip.

If you add a tip after delivery, you’ll be emailed an updated receipt that includes the new tip amount.

You can’t change this tip amount after adding it.

In your order history

You can add a tip to a completed order for up to 90 days after delivery:

  1. In your app, tap Account in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Select Orders and then the order you want to add a tip to.
  3. Next to the tip amount, tap Add tip.

You can’t change this tip amount after adding it.