What is Uber Freight’s Data Policy?

Why does Uber Freight collect GPS data?

Uber Freight uses the GPS location data to improve efficiency by:

  • Reducing or eliminating location-request calls to dispatchers and/or drivers on loads in progress

  • Tracking loads booked via the Uber Freight platform

In the future, this data may be used for automatic processing of detention and other carrier accessorials.

Does Uber Freight share my GPS data with anyone?

Uber Freight may share location data with the shipper and/or receiver of a load to keep them informed of the location of their freight while in transit. In addition, Uber Freight may share this data with other third parties who require, request, or use such data in connection with transportation, logistics, delivery, and/or other related services arranged or performed by Uber Freight.

How long does Uber Freight store my data?

Uber Freight stores location data that can be tied to a specific carrier for 3 years. After 3 years, Uber Freight destroys the location data.

What happens if I choose not to share automatic tracking data?

The dispatcher and/or driver will receive an average of 5 tracking calls per load. A carrier may also be at risk for deactivation due to being non-compliant with Uber Freight’s automated tracking policy.

Will Uber Freight be required to share carrier data if asked in a DOT audit?

Uber Freight will only share this location data with the DOT if we believe it is required by applicable law, legal process, or governmental request.

Does Uber Freight reimburse for data usage, such as a phone plan?

No, Uber Freight will not reimburse for data usage.

For any other data-sharing related questions, please reach out to uf-automated-tracking@uber.com.